when Augsburg needs a good sounding drum kit…

…sometimes they call me. I'm always quite thrilled to watch other drummers playing on the gear I’ve provided. I not only love the music but also I find it fascinating how drummers can sound so different from each other on the same instrument.   
Yonathan Avishai Trio - Kunstverein Ingolstadt
Donald Kontomanou
Andy Sheppard Quartet - Int. Jazzsommer Augsburg
"Thanks for the beautiful drums! I really enjoyed playing them a lot."
Sebastian Rochford
Yaron Herman Trio – Int. Jazzsommer Augsburg
“It is so inspiring to play such a instrument that everything you play sounds like music”
Ziv Ravitz
Fire! – Lange Brechtnacht / Jazzclub Augsburg
Andreas Werliin 
Wolfgang Lackerschmid & The Brazilian Trio / Jazzmatinee Nördlingen
“It is always a big pleasure playing on Herberts' drums. Congratulations for your fantastic work."
Duduka Da Fonseca 
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